About Cour Experience

Cour Mission

The mission of Cour Experience is to reduce stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, and suicide ideation in youth.

Cour Vision

A world where youth are empowered and thrive.

Cour Values

We are bold, smart, guided and ignited.

These have been the guiding principles for the Cour team since inception. Cour values reflect these guiding principles.

We are Bold!

Courage- Courage does not have anything to do with pride or ego. Courage derives from the inner peace of understanding that there is risk and we still make a conscious decision to move forward in the purpose no matter what.

We are Smart!

Wisdom- Wisdom tells us that our expertise is not enough. Wisdom tells us what information to gather, who to confer with, how to package it, and where to deliver it so those that need it will benefit from it. Wisdom tells us when something is out of our wheelhouse and when to seek our advisors for their knowledge. Wisdom tells us when to be patient and when to go full throttle.

We are Guided!

Leadership- We humbly acknowledge that we are guided by the needs of youth and the leadership of those who need our help reaching youth. We also lead and do not take the responsibility of leading youth, school counselors, families, and educators lightly. We are leaders and we are led. We respect and accept both sides of that coin.

We are Ignited!

Passion- Passion is something that exceeds normal drive or motivation. It is something that lives deep within that keeps us awake at night, that nudges us throughout the day to do better, work harder, and faster to answer our calling to hold space for youth so they can heal and thrive.

We're on a mission to educate, inspire and transform youth ages 4-24 using basic scientifically proven methods and tools to decrease stress, anxiety and to increase resiliency and overall well-being.


2365 Iron Point Road,

Folsom , CA 95630


(916) 340-5252

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